From time to time I receive updates from the families who have my kittens. It is wonderful to see photos of them growing up and also lovely to hear how they are doing. I decided it would be nice to share some of these updates with you.

Dear Barbara,

Just a few lines to let you know how Misty has settled down.

He really is everything we could have wished for; so affectionate, lively, playful and at the same time he knows when it is bedtime and we don`t hear a peep out of him.

How many kittens were in his litter and did he have brothers or sisters? Also, has he ever used a Cat flap whether inside or outside? We have several in kitchen and Conservatory doors which he hasn`t attempted to use yet. We put him in our outside Cat pen today whilst I was doing some gardening, he could see me all the time and I do want him to get used to it so that we can have the doors and windows open on sunny days. It has been lovely today here.

I will get my daughter to send you a photo of him occasionally, only I have never quite mastered the Art!!!

Rest assured he is very happy in his new home and when we sit down he is on our laps  straight away, my Husband is thrilled. Thank you so much for our lovely lilac boy.  We have called him Leica on his Insurance forms but to us he is Misty.

                 With best wishes from Jo and David Dickinson

JasperHello Barbara
Hope all is well with you and the world of Burmese cats!
I’ve been meaning to send you some pictures for ages, but attach a few for you to see Jasper’s progress since we collected him from you back on 10th May.
He’s settled in wonderfully and he and our puppy Lilli are the best of buddies – luckily they are the same age approximately – they play together and sleep together by choice – very cute.
He’s very loving and great company and is just so pretty, we can’t believe our luck.  He does go out in the day time, but we keep him in at night and he seems very happy with that routine.  If it’s raining he stays in by choice – he really doesn’t like getting wet.
Jasper is also becoming a voracious hunter and appears most days with something hanging from his mouth but doesn’t mind when you take whatever it is off him – I guess he gets his fun from the chase.
I’ll keep in touch every 6 months or so to let you know how he’s doing.
All best wishes…………Pauline

SAMHi Barbara,

Just a wee note to let you know Rio is my whole world, the most amazing and loving baby ever.

He is not great at posing so I’ve only just managed to get a picture of him. He has grown into the most handsome boy. Sorry I took so long to get back to you but my full day is spent with my lovely boy. He is so possessive always in my lap and talking to me .


Sir Alan Ayckbourn and his wife Heather

Hello Barbara,

I have been meaning to give you an update on young Scamps for an age but life got in the way!  Anyway, he is doing just fine.  We are very keen on him.  Some of his exploits: he got stranded five floors up on the roof; he has fallen out of trees; into ponds; and quite soon after he had been allowed out for the first time, he formed an attachment to a black and white cat in the garden and went walkabout for 24 hours.  Were we relieved to see him at 10.20am the following day!  He has been shut in twice into wardrobes for up to 8 hours at a time – emerging totally unscathed on both occasions.  Once we’d found him.  A Scamp indeed.  He is very fast and has impressed one or two with the speed with which he can climb.  He has also had his first kill which he was keen to present to us and was more than a little annoyed when I removed the remains.


I attach a rather fine photo of him.  I realise I should have cleaned his right eye … Or left if you’re looking at him.

Hope all is well in your neck o’ the woods.

Warmest good wishes from the three of us,


testimonial 1The kittens are doing really well. I’ve named them Coco and Milo and they are very sweet (except at night when they turn into maniacs for a bit!). They have brought so much joy.


Much love, Anna